I came to know God quite a number of years ago through a couple of Christian friends. They helped us through some very difficult times for my family and I always wondered what motivated them to be so giving to others. It was then that I accepted Jesus as my Savior.When I first accepted Christ, I did not know what it means to have a relationship with Him. I started this long journey all through university and some years after where I try to come closer to God but never really committing. I find myself to be always so absorbed in school and work, that I cannot seem to quiet down and truly get to know God. I get so stubborn and think that I could solve my own problems. That usually leaves me tired and defeated, before I cry out to God for help. Yet I’m so grateful that even though I am so flawed and set in my ways, God never gave up on me. He always placed10wonderful Christian brothers and sisters in my life to give me encouragement and support.Last winter when my mum came to visit me here in Canada, she became more involved in ECBC. She encouraged me to go to the youth/ career group fellowship. It’s in this fellowship that I got to know our loving God better. I started trying to seek God in more aspects of my life. And I started to see God’s work in fascinating little ways. Of course I still frequently struggle with fighting my instinct to take charge, but listen to what God wants instead. But I feel so blessed that both my mum and I have become more committed to knowing God and we can discuss and encourage each other. We have lived apart for so many years, this is such a rare opportunity where we are together, and we are both confident about our faith. There’s not a time as right as now to get baptized together.I look forward to better live my life in Christ, and continue building my life on the solid foundation that is Jesus Christ, my rock and salvation.

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週日上午10:30 二樓Green Room

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